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FN Supernode Locking Plan 1 Session
  • Total Amount - -
  • Remaining Amount - -
  • Locking amount - -
  • Participated users - -
  • Minimum locking amount - -
  • Locking start time

    - -

  • Locking deadline

    - -

  • Start calculating bonus

    - -

  • Unlock and stop calculating bonus

    - -

FN Locking List

Locking amount: --

Locking amount: --

Locking amount: --

Lock FN to share bonus

Coineal will open the bonus right of Supernode
to all users. Users who lock FN can share bonus.

Unlock after 365 days of mining

FN will be automatically unlocked after contract expires (365

100% bonus distribution

Coineal will distribute the bonus according to the proportion of users' locking amount.

FN Mining Event by Ztiao and Coineal - Frequently Asked Questions Q&A

Q1: What is FN Supernode trading?

A: FN Supernode Trading Cooperation Program, which is a contract plan for supernode mining. Users can participate in it by fully or partially locking FN in Coineal to become one of the participants of FN supernode.

Q2: Where does the bonus come from?

A: The bonus of the users' participation in the contract comes from the mining income of Coineal as FN supernode. Coineal will distribute the bonus according to the proportion of users' locking amount.

Q3: How is the bonus calculated?

A: According to FN supernode, mining machine provider will obtain 40% of the total FN supernode mining bonus, Coineal's FN contract users will account for 60% of the total mining bonus based on the locking amount.

Q4: How is the bonus distributed?

A: Coineal will automatically distribute FN mining bonus of the participating users everyday, and users can check the bonus in "Liquidities". It may be delayed due to the large number of users, please be patient.

Q5: Can it be unlocked in advance?

A: It cannot be unlocked in advance. After contract expires (90 days of mining), the bonus and locking FN will be unlocked at the same time.

Q6: Can bonus be directly traded or withdrawn?

A: After FN contract expires, bonus can be traded or withdrawn directly.

FN Supernode Locking Plan Q&A

Q1: What is this event?

The event is organized by Ztiao and Coineal to deploy 5,000 distributed servers for Ztiao's data storage and distribution services. Users can participate in data storage FN mining and obtain event rewards and mining revenue.

Q2: What is the target of the event?

A: The total target subscription for this event is 8 million FN; if the total subscription amount is less than 4 million FN, the event will be invalid, and the FN of the users in the subscription will be returned.

Q3: How to subscribe for a contract?

A: 20 FN per contract, the minimum purchase limit is 1 share, and lock for 6 months. The more subscriptions, the more rewards.

Q4: How is the mining revenue calculated?

A: Each user's mining revenue (FN) = mining FN quantity * 70% * (user subscription contract / total subscription contract)

Q5: How is the mining revenue distributed?

A: During the contract period (6 months), Coineal system will automatically distribute the FN mining revenues of subscribers every day. Users can view details directly in Coineal.

Q6: What are the rewards for participating in the event?

A: Users can get 0.01 ETH rewards for each contract (20 FN), and the total reward of the event is 1000 ETH (while stock lasts).

Q7: When will mining start?

A: Due to the large number of servers, it takes a certain amount of time to complete the deployment. The mining will start on the 15th day after the end of the subscription, and the mining revenue will be distributed every day.

Q8: Can the contract be cancelled in advance?

A: The contract cannot be cancelled in advance, and the contract principal will be automatically unlocked after the contract expires.

Q9: Can the mining revenue be directly traded or withdrawn?

A: Mining revenue can be directly traded or withdrawn.