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RedFOX Labs - RedFOX Labs is a blockchain based tech company that identifies and builds proven unicorn business models for the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. We create innovative and scalable solutions to unlock the true market potential on Komodo Platform, as we aim to create market leading companies in the e-commerce, e-media, e-travel and ride hailing sectors.

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RedFOX Labs
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35000000 RFOX
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1000000000 RFOX
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50 USDT = 1000 RFOX
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2019-04-17 22:00:00
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2019-04-19 22:00:00
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Project Introduction

RedFOX Labs is Southeast Asias first Blockchain Venture Builder Platform. Based on Komodo Platform Technology which is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects. RedFOX Lab’s tech enables seamless cross-chain interoperability among all federated blockchains. Every blockchain built with RedFOX Labs will be connected to 95% of chains outside the federation via atomic swap technology.

RedFOX Labs replicates unicorn business models from around the world and implements these models in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. With a particular focus on the Internet Economy, RedFOX Labs will operate in the e-commerce, e-travel, e-media and ride-hailing and delivery sectors. Based in Vietnam, RedFOX Labs believes it is strategically poised for the impending internet economy boom as it looks to become the market leader for start-up studio’s in the region.

Projects built and launched in the RedFOX Labs ecosystem are not only scalable and interoperable, they are also secured with the power of the Bitcoin network using dPoW (delayed Proof of Work). This is accomplished with a series of cross-chain notarisations that store a blockhash onto the Bitcoin ledger every ten minutes, providing protection from 51% attacks.

RedFOX Labs has a goal to deliver blockchain technology to its end users, without them even knowing they are using blockchain. Join the RedFOX Labs movement towards an unlocked internet economy in Southeast Asia.


* The RFOX(RedFOX Labs) Token/Coin purchased by IEO is non-refundable and cannot be changed or cancelled. Please check carefully before purchasing.

* Queries about the RFOX Token/Coin information is not processed by Coineal and should be submitted to the RFOX project team.

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