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GTEX Token - GTEX is a next generation gaming platform and marketplace for blockchain based games. Its decentralized application is combined with the fastest gaming blockchain and a first universal gaming stable currency to deliver a unique experience to all gaming and crypto enthusiasts. GTEX Token will provide a wide variety of benefits to its holders. Lower transaction fees, access to newest games and exclusive game token airdrops are going to be just some of the benefits for GTEX Token holders.

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GTEX Token
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2019-04-15 21:00:00
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Project Introduction

GTEX is bringing a revolution to the gaming industry by establishing a new self-incentivizing gaming ecosystem that creates benefits for gamers and game developers. We are developing a separate gaming blockchain, gaming wallet and marketplace, and universal currency for the gaming world.

Our gaming blockchain, GTEX PoA Network will be based on Proof of Authority mechanism, where well known game developers will serve as super nodes. Our goal is to attract small and big game developers to deploy their games on our chain, because GTEX PoA network will be the fastest gaming blockchain in the world. We are using fungible and non-fungible ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to tokenize all gaming assets and make them easily tradable.

Our stable coin, GTEX Points (GP) will be the universal gaming currency.GTEX Points will be used on the GTEX platform and in games that are added to it. GTEX Points will serve as the gateway for gamers to enter blockchain gaming and gain access to all blockchain games.

We are also creating the GTEX Gaming Platform, a DApp constructed from four main platforms: Game mall, Game item marketplace, Wallet and Exchange. Each of the platforms is designed to target and solve specific issues and shortcomings of the gaming industry.

However, the most revolutionary thing we are creating are the game tokens. Game developers will have an option to issue game tokens for each game they create, and assign utility and income-sharing function to them. Ultimately, this will give gamers better incentives to play the games and help game developers acquire users in a cost efficient way. We believe this will help us create a true self-incentivizing gaming ecosystem.


* The GTEX Token purchased by IEO is non-refundable and cannot be changed or cancelled. Please check carefully before purchasing.

* Queries about the GTEX Token information is not processed by Coineal and should be submitted to the GTEX project team.

* The GTEX Token release time will follow the schedule to be announced on the Coineal website.

* The IEO Token/Coin price will be set at 0.0025 USDT for the duration of the IEO period only.