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Digipharm Token - At DIGIPHARM, we have built the world's first blockchain based platform for value-based contracting of healthcare. Healthcare payments are changing in a bid to create more sustainable health economies; they are moving to a system where the cost of healthcare and treatments are linked to patient benefits and how well treatments work; rather than how much of a drug is taken or the amount of services you receive.

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Digipharm Token
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15000000 DPH
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Project Introduction

Digipharm has built the world’s first blockchain-based platform for value-based contracting of healthcare technologies and healthcare services. In healthcare there is a clear shift to payments using a ‘value-based’ approach, where the price paid is determined by performance, for example, patient benefits and real-life patient outcomes. According to Deloitte, 75% of payments in healthcare are to be value based by 2020.

This approach to healthcare payments is not just relevant for pharmaceuticals or drug treatments; pricing agreements and contracting for medical devices and healthcare services have also been shifting to an approach based on outcomes and key performance indicators. However one of the biggest limiting factors is the infrastructural limitations that are experienced when implementing these types of agreements.

Since patient data and patient outcomes is used to determine the cost of care, Digipharm uses blockchain technology to create a medical information infrastructure that enables trust and a synchronized overview in these outcomes for all contracting parties. Digipharm’s smart contracts coded in the blockchain also remove the administrative burden of tracking and executing these agreements.

Technical features 

Reimburse is the world’s first smart contract platform for flexible pricing of healthcare based on treatment performance; facilitating the application of truly dynamic innovative pricing solutions between healthcare systems and manufacturers, in a secure and compliant fashion with minimal administrative burden.

The Reimburse platform will harness the beneficial features of automated ‘smart contracts’, allowing the real time application of flexible pricing models and patient access schemes between healthcare stakeholders. Integration with existing health information systems and administrative infrastructure of participating institutions will eliminate the need for manual data handling and processing of pricing and reimbursement agreements. The Reimburse platform will drastically reduce administrative costs currently associated with the implementation of value-based pricing schemes and potentially revolutionise drug pricing and healthcare provision as we know it today.

Pre-agreed, personalised, contract stipulations will be coded on the Reimburse platform via an easily accessible user portal and automatically executed when contract conditions are met. Reimburse allows patients to be followed using anonymised digital identifiers, aggregating data related to patient outcomes and treatment across numerous sites.

Business model

BaaS/SaaS (Blockchain/Software as a service)

• Software as a Service (SaaS) – licensing fees, maintenance and hosting

• B2B users will pay fees for transactions according to complexity of agreements, number of patients on the contracts and the number of contracts.

• Digipharm may also take a fee depending on the Value of these contracts i.e. the increasing financial value of an agreement will result in an increased fee.

• Digipharm will also be paid for customization of platforms for clients.

• Digipharm will earn revenue from selling health-related data to health/research institutions (we will share revenues of selling data directly with patients/contributors)

● Digipharm are creating a partner network for utilisation of its tokens on third party applications and platforms

Comparative Advantages

● We were first to market with a working product that focuses on outcomes based contracting in healthcare.

● We have an international patent pending

● We are a third party, independent contracting solutions provider which is imperative with regards to highly confidential pricing agreements

● Our team at DIGIPHARM are well versed in the current HTA and health payments landscape in different countries.

● CEO Ahmed Abdulla is Project Chapter Coordinator for Blockchain in Healthcare at the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business.

● Winner of UK House of Commons Parliament Award 2018 for Health IT Innovation

● Partnership with Swisscom Blockchain

● Top 50 Swiss startups to invest in 2019 - Bilan Magazine

● Dragons Endorsement Nominee - Value Based Healthcare Centre Europe 2019


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