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DOM Diamond Open Market
Pre-sales Price ≈
0.0000005 BTC

Rate of progress

49782500 / 600000000 DOM

Diamond Open Market - a marketplace to buy and sell natural and lab-grown diamonds, is raffling diamonds for IEO participants. Get the amount of DOM token equivalent to $50 and win a natural diamond!

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Full Name
Diamond Open Market
Session Supply
600000000 DOM
Total Supply
6,000,000,000 DOM
IEO Ratio
0.00125 BTC = 2500 DOM
IEO Ceiling
IEO Minimum
IEO Start Time
2019-09-30 15:00:00
IEO End Time
2019-10-30 15:00:00
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Technological foundation
Project Introduction

Welcome to the new investment horizons.

The Diamond Open Market,anEOS-based platform to buy and sell natural and lab-grown diamonds, heirloom or other jewellery, is opening the formerly closed diamond market for everybody.

DOM willpresent a marketplace and a trading platform for businesses and individuals working as a reliable tool for B2B, B2C or P2P relations.

Buy directly from diamond producers, wholesalers and individual market participants. Sell your diamond ring or other jewellery to anyone in the world. Open your own shop with DOM token-powered services, launch ads and promotional campaigns.

Other options available for DOM token are:

- transaction insurance

- storageservices

- relevant search, helping to find the best offers based on a particular request

- trade statistics, giving a deeper glimpse on the diamond markets’ supply and demand.

For complex deals our consultants are ready to help and manage the technical aspect, assuring the deal will be done the fastest way possible. For clients who wish to learn about the special offers as soon as they appear on the platform, DOM will offer premium support by personal manager.

All together these functions will serve to bring the best trading experience and open a new world of possibilities for the open diamond market participants.

The diamond market remains a closed area where most investors are not allowed. We believe that access to the diamond market is a natural right of any individual and build Diamond Open Market to operate worldwide.

The DOM platform will allow users to choose between natural or lab-grown diamonds from the manufacturers or individuals and individually agree on the prices.

DOM willoffer variety of payment methods, including banking, cash or cryptocurrency transactions. DOM will be built on EOS blockchain ecosystem and operate without any fees for both counterparties.

Businesscompanies will be able to open virtual branches on DOM, using value-added services of the platform. DOM will also introduce a secured smart contract system, allowing to implement any business logic and solve the safety issues.

Learn more on the company's website!


* The DOM (Diamond Open Market) Token purchased by token sale is non-refundable and cannot be changed or cancelled. Please check carefully before purchasing.

* Queries about the Token information is not processed by Coineal and should be submitted to the DOM project team.

* The DOM Token release time will follow the schedule to be announced on the Coineal website.

* The Token sale price will be set at DOM/BTC for the duration of the token sale period only.

* Users from the following countries are not allowed to participate: USA, China.