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Bit Miner Chain is about to bring 100,000 BTMC($0.59) to Coineal!


Dear Coineal users:



We are glad to announce that Bit Miner Chain ( BTMC ) is added on Coineal, 100,000 BTMC(current price is 4.81RMB) are prepared to be airdropped to users. BTMC/USDT, BTMC/ETH trading pairs will be open to trade at 15:00(UTC/GMT+8:00) 10th, Oct. The deposit and withdrawal is already available today.


1. Project Brief

Bit Miner Chain (BTMC) is the project based on the Blockchaintechnology so as to build a decentralized integrated serviceplatform for the transaction of AI chips. The platform relies on technical characteristics of Blockchain to provide fast and convenient services for global industryparticipants related to AI chips (producers, logistics providers, terminal users, etc.) . In near future, BTMC will also build the public Blockchain to allow more participants of industrial chains to build sub-chains on the public Blockchain, gradually establishing a decentralized AI chip supply system by the Blockchain technology.


2. Token Profile

Token: Bit Miner Chain ( BTMC )

Total supply: 100,000,000,0

Circulating supply: 100,005,000

Price: 1BTMC = 0.0002 ETH


3. Common Links

Official website:

Twitter link: https: //

Telegram link: https: //

Facebook link: https: //

White Paper:

Block query:



4. Airdrop Reward

1000,00 BTMC provided by the project will be airdropped according to the proportion of NEAL which have been locked in FenHongbao(Product offered by Coineal to make sure the users who lock NEAL are able to obtain Coineal’s processing fee and free token provided by other projects as dividend according to the locked amount.The annual dividend rate of the first four periods is 93.3%) in the current period (Phase 08).


/Risk Warning/

Digital asset is an innovative investment product, the price may fluctuate drastically with high and unpredictable risks, we sincerely hope you could get to know about certain digital asset as much as possible before you invest and hence make rational judgement as well as cautious decision according to your investment ability.


/Contact Us/

Official Wechat Group Assistant: Coineal001, Coineal008, Coineal006, Coineal003






Thanks to all for the love and care, we will continue to push ourselves forward!








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