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Renewal | 100,000,00 BKBT are ready to be airdropped!


Dear Coineal users:




We are pleased to announce that Beekan (BKBT) is added on Coineal, 100,000,00 BKBT(current price is 0.008RMB) are prepared to be airdropped to users. Trading will be enabled for BKBT against ETH, USDT, BTC at 15:00(UTC/GMT+8:00) 10th, Oct. The deposit and withdrawal will also be available at 15:00 (UTC/GMT+8:00) on 9th, Oct.



1. Project Brief

Beenews is established in Singapore, as the main body of the corporation and the platform that could recognize the value of blockchain and cryptocurrency based on Meta-Graph Chain, Supernova Chain Foundation Pte.Ltd is dedicated to creating the first blockchain media which is able to provide intelligent information flow of Cryptocurrency, knowledge map, Coin Volatility Rank, Growth Track Index to users and help them find value depressions, avoid investment blind spots, popularize blockchain knowledge, and promote the healthy development of blockchain ecology.


2. Token Profile

Token: Beekan (BKBT)

Total supply: 100,000,000,00

Circulating supply: 400,000,000,0

Price: 1BKBT=0.0000006 ETH


3. Common Links

Official website:

English White Paper:

Chinese White Paper:

Block query:


4. Airdrop Reward


At the same time, 100,000,00BKBT provided by the project will be airdropped according to the proportion of NEAL which have been locked in FenHongbao(Product offered by Coineal to make sure the users who lock NEAL are able to obtain Coineal’s processing fee and free token provided by other projects as dividend according to the locked amount.The annual dividend rate of the first four periods is 93.3%) in the current period (Phase 08).


/Risk Warning/

Digital asset is an innovative investment product, the price may fluctuate drastically with high and unpredictable risks, we sincerely hope you could get to know about certain digital asset as much as possible before you invest and hence make rational judgement as well as cautious decision according to your investment ability.



/Contact Us/

Official Wechat Group Assistant: Coineal001, Coineal008, Coineal003, Coineal006







Thanks to all for the love and care, we will continue to push ourselves forward!








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