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Coineal Will Delist OAS, CDR, AFDT, COA, EHC, IOG and UCN


Dear users:




It is a pity for us to announce that OAS, CDR, AFDT, COA, EHC, IOG and UCN will be delisted. Trading and deposit will be unavailable on 7:00 Apr. 17 (UTC). Withdrawal will be unavailable on 7:00 May 17 (UTC).


Reason of Token Delisting:

In order to protect the interests of investors, Coineal has the right to reassess tokens that have been added. Should one or more of the following occurs, Coineal has the right to remove the token:

1. The project team dismisses or requests to be delisted;

2. Project encounters significant legal issues;

3. Serious technical or security issues that are not resolved in time;

4. Daily trading volume being less than $100,000 for 15 business day consecutively;

5. Severe dishonesty in information disclosure;

6. Other circumstances that render the token unfit for transactions.

Coineal will release the announcement of delisting 5 days in advance, and users are granted a 30 day grace period to transfer assets out of their wallet on Coineal.


/ Risk Disclaimer /

Crypto assets are innovative investment products with high price fluctuations and high investment risks. Please ensure a thorough understanding of crypto assets before making investment decisions and use extreme caution when doing so.


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