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Announcement of TTT Contract Replacement


Dear users:




At the request of TTT project team, we will make the following two technical amendments to TTT Smart Contract:

1. Contract name modification: rename Tui Tui Token to TT Token, token symbol is still TTT.

2. Mode modification: in response to the upcoming ttmall ecosystem demand, TTT will change recycling and destruction mode to non-destructible mode.


If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact TTT.


Deposit of TTT will be suspended from 8:00 May 26, trading will be suspended from 8:00 May 31. New TTT after the contract replacement will start trading from 8:00 June 2 (UTC).


/ Project Introduction /

In 2018, TTNetwork followed the Ethereum ERC20 standard and issued the cryptocurrency "TT TOKEN".


At present, the main application fields are tthouse (estate push platform) and ttmall (e-commerce platform). Through the development of the technology application of the blockchain, it will build a comprehensive economic platform integrating fashion, food, shopping, entertainment, education and transportation. TTT is committed to developing a shared economy and blockchain token economy model in the ecosystem, creating a landing application scenario for each promoter.


/ Token Info /

Total supply: 3,000,000,000


/ Common Links /

Official website:

White paper:

Contact TTT:

Block Explore Address:


/ Risk Disclaimer /

Crypto assets are innovative investment products with high price fluctuations and high investment risks. Please ensure a thorough understanding of crypto assets before making investment decisions and use extreme caution when doing so.


/ Contact Us /

Telegram Global:

Telegram Japan:

Telegram Korea:

Telegram Russia:

Telegram Vietnam:







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